Thank You!

I’ve been writing about my Alzheimer’s Journey for a number of years now and I just realized I’ve never thanked all of you for your encouragement and support. Your comments and good wishes are appreciated more than you know, especially on my rough days.

When we are faced with challenges, we have choices to make:

A) bury our head in the sand and hope it goes away…


B) face the challenge head on

We all know Alzheimer’s Disease doesn’t “go away”. No matter how hard we fight, no matter how hard I fight, I know in the end … well, I don’t think about the end. I stay in the here and now, moving forward with my Alzheimer’s Mission.

I’m quoted as saying, “this is not how I envisioned my retired life to be but it is what it is.” Being that I will turn 58 years old in about 2 weeks, I started thinking about what I’ve accomplished in those years. What I realized is, apart from watching the birth of my son, what I’m doing right now is the most meaningful.

I don’t like the fact that Alzheimer’s led me to this realization, but, as I’ve said before, “it is what it is”. My time, my energy, my focus is finding ways to live as well as I can, utilizing techniques, technology and time.

I have vowed to use my voice for as long as I am able to speak on behalf of those who no longer have a voice and in memory of those who are no longer with us.

Giving up will NEVER be an option!


Thanks again for your continued support, good wishes, and friendship!

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