Bella, the Wonder Dog

It’s amazing what a difference a little 10lb, 8 month-old puppy can make.

It’s only been a few days but Bella seems to know her purpose. She can already detect my anxiousness, coming to lay across my lap or laying right beside me with her head in my lap, looking up at me with look on her face as if she is saying . . . “I’m right here so you can relax!” What a gift!

We’re working on the commands Deb the Trainer has already taught Bella and we are reinforcing those commands every day. We are also going to continue training with Deb via ZOOM so we can complete Bella’s training.

Bella knows she is here for a purpose and that purpose is mainly to keep my anxiousness at a minimum, to fetch my medicines when needed and replace it them when done. We will start working on that probably later this week. We don’t wan to overwhelm her or frustrate us.

It’s important that an animal has the right temperament and personality in order to fill the role of a Service Animal. It seems that Bella was destined to be our dog from the get-go. From our first interaction she was drawn to us and us to her.

Since COVID19 is not showing any signs of going away and restricting us from mingling with the public in public places, I know she will be a comfort to both of us as we navigate this Pandemic. Not being able to come and go as we please does put a strain on things and that also brings on anxiousness and frustration. I’m sure Bella has her work cut out for her.

You will hear my say, “Our Dog” and not just “My Dog”. Knowing she is a Service Dog, she has become a part of our little family. She has already made a big difference in the lives of Maureen and I and we look forward to her for years to come.

9 thoughts on “Bella, the Wonder Dog

  1. Adorable! My niece has a service dog and it is just amazing what you can train them to do! Looks like you have a very special bond already 🙂


  2. Do you know what breed mixture Bella is? She’s beautiful and was just curious if you know what she type of dog she is? I lost my Jack Russell Terrier Gabby after 17 years and would love to get another small dog and really love Bella’s coloring and size. So glad she is helping you! They are such an important part of our daily happiness for sure!!


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