I Hate You

HATE! It’s a very strong word, a word I hardly ever use, however, there are certain instances when the use of this word is appropriate.
This is one of those instances.

HATE is defined as:
feel intense or passionate dislike for someone or something

I will say that my hatred is NOT directed towards a “someone” . . .
it is a some “thing!”

With that out of the way . . . I HATE YOU!!!
I don’t just hate you, I hate you with a passion. I despise you!
I hate the sound of your name. I hate what you do to people.

You’re a thief, a thief of the worst kind.
You rob innocent people, not of material things, but of their most precious memories. You take away their ability to reminisce, to memorize, and not recognize the faces of their spouse, their children, their grandchildren, and friends. You even go as  far as taking away  their ability to recognize themselves.

You don’t do this all at once. No, that would mean you have a conscience and feelings. You don’t have either of those. You’re a torturous thief, slowly and meticulously robbing individuals over a period of years until there’s nothing left. They are left, literally helpless, unable to do anything for themselves.

To add fuel to the fire, you don’t just ruin one life. You’ve figured out how to ruin the lives of millions, and you’ve done it in a way to stay untouched.

The one thing I can say that could be considered fair is that you show no favoritism. You’re an equal opportunity thief. You know no race, no stature, no sexual preference, no age. You go after whoever you want, and why not? There’s no one to stop you . . . yet!

Your siblings, Cancer, Heart Disease, HIV/Aids as well as your many cousins, were badass in their day, but they had flaws. Their armor looked menacing but it was soon discovered their looks were deceiving. They were conquered. They are still a threat and they still reek havoc upon the human race, but we now know how to defeat them. You, well, your armor, so far, has no flaws.

Just so you know, I’m not the only one that hates you. The actual amount of people that despise your existence is unfathomable. I can’t speak for them but only for myself.

You see, you took my Grandfather way too soon. He cared for my Grandmother, who was a paraplegic, but you didn’t care. I guess along with being a thief, you’re a bit of an ass also.

You took away my Mother. I guess, in a kind gesture, when my Father died, even though she was at the funeral, she had no idea it was her husband of 60 years.

You took away my wife’s Grandmother. My wife adored her Grandmother, but what did you care? Oh, that’s right . . . YOU DIDN’T!

Now you are taking me. Little by little, you are deleting my memory bank, not of the things of long ago, but things of yesterday. Yeah, you have all sorts of tricks up your sleeve, but I’m ready for whatever you throw at me.

You see, Alzheimer’s, I may not be able to defeat you, but my friends and I are doing whatever we can to rise up and band together for the cause. The cause is A CURE, but we will settle for a way to slow you down, to prevent you from robbing others and to ultimately lock the entryway to our brains and the brains of those who come after us.

You’ve had a good run. Your Father, Dementia, must be proud, but, like your siblings, you will also, one day,  be defeated!

Until then, I will continue to hate you, but, I do not fear you!