I’m Still Me!

I may have worked with you at one time or knew you through work, but now I can’t remember your name. I know your face and I know I know you, so please don’t be insulted if I ask you your name. I’m simply trying to remember.

We may have been friends from years gone by or even as recent as a few years ago and I may have trouble recalling some of the good and funny times we shared. Feel free to recall those times with me. I may not remember all the details but it would be nice to recall those memories.

When we have a conversation, you may discover that I now stutter. I haven’t stuttered at any point in my life and those of you that know me can only imagine how much this bothers me. I’m proud of the TV shows, commercials and radio programs I have been involved with and I’m thankful for those times. I’m just glad the stuttering waited until now.

I may not remember something you just told me 5 or 10 minutes ago. Please don’t think it’s because I didn’t find it interesting or that I don’t care. My short term memory is not what it used to be so please don’t take it personally if I ask you something that pertains to what you just told me.

I don’t play my guitar or sing anymore. I’ve lost that passion I once had but I’m working on getting it back. It’s said that music plays a very big part in bringing back certain memories to people with Alzheimer’s. I still love music and I still listen to it but it doesn’t hold a candle to creating music. I’ll let you know how that goes.

The reason I’m sharing all of this with you is because at this point, if you see me or talk to me, I may not be the person you remember, but, “I’m Still Me!” 

  • Please don’t be afraid to joke with me. I still love to laugh.
  • Talk about old times.
  • Give me a hard time and mercilessly tease me (you know who you are! lol) or even send me or tell me Alzheimer’s jokes. I have found that humor lessens the blow.
    • Just so you know, some of the best and funniest jokes I hear are from the online groups I belong to. We may not be able to remember the jokes we tell one another but we at least have that funny moment we share with one another. 
    • no matter the case, LAUGH WITH, NOT AT!

Lastly and most important, although I have Alzheimer’s, inside “I’m Still Me!”
Treat me like you always have.
As a side note, Alzheimer’s is one of the most misunderstood disease. If you want to know about it, ask me or go to http://www.alz.org.

. . . Until Next time

Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Hi, if you are reading this blog then you were chosen, by me, to read this info. Yes, I have Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Shannon and I found out on October 28th. To say it was an extreme punch in the gut is putting it mildly. We are facing it head on and will fight the fight until we cannot fight any longer.

I am not sending this to you to look for pity. Neither Shannon nor I want to be looked at with sadness or sorrow. You know me. I am a lover of life, family, laughter, music and friendship. Shannon plays it a bit more closer to the vest but I do have her “permission” (lol) to get this information off my chest and out to you.

With that said, I ask only for this. If you hear of, read about or discover any information about Alzheimer’s, I ask you to pass it along to me. You can leave comments here on the blog, send me a message on Facebook or e-mail me at thebrianleblanc@gmail.com.

I also ask for for your support, not your sympathy or pity, but support, not just for me, but for the three people who are everything to me . . .
Bradley (Brad, he likes that name better. lol) a great, loving, intelligent son; Asheton, the most wonderful, loving daughter any father could ask for; and last but certainly not least, my rock, my best friend, my traveling partner, the love of my life, Shannon.
They didn’t ask for any of this, but never once have they showed anything but love for me. I’m not sure what I did to deserve them but I am so thankful for them.

I will be posting updates here to keep you up to date on my progress. Maybe something that I share, or you share with me, will be helpful to someone else going through the same thing. I would love to be able to help others who are in need.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Thanks for being part of my family and my circle of friends.